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Submitting your IFTA fuel tax reports can be a lengthy, tedious process. With all the time you pour into tracking your mileage and fuel records, you want to make sure you complete these reports correctly and avoid the dreaded audit. State Mileage Report for IFTA. This document covers how to run a GPS-based State Mileage report for IFTA. The primary and preferred way to do this is through the GPS tracking platform. This uses point-by-point GPS to give the mileage by state for each vehicle that you select. To run this. What Documentation is Required for Filing IFTA Reports? Each carrier is required to keep all receipts, either hard copy or electronic. The fuel tax payments must be submitted four times a year each quarter to the state where the business is based. If overpayments occurred, a refund is due. If the taxes were underpaid, the difference is due. 2019 IGFTA DECAL Expiration No matter where or when the IFTA decal is obtained, all decals will expire on December 31st every year. The staff at IFTA Report Filing recommends owner opertators and trucking companies to renew the IFTA decals immediately after expiration, but you are not required.

International Fuel Tax Association, Inc. Login: Important Notices: Events: Dec 23 KY Emergency Declaration: Dec 16 ND Notice of License Change: Oct 15 2020 Renewal Grace Period: Oct 04 IN - Correction Rate Matrix IFTA Inc Rate Change: Sep. Report a Security Issue to IFTA, Inc. IFTA benefits drivers who use highway motor vehicles in excess of 26,000 pounds along with varying additional criteria. Drivers who purchase an IFTA license receive a decal permitting them to consolidate taxes for various jurisdictions into a quarterly payment. IFTA/IRP Individual Trip Report Use this form to report mileage and fuel information for each trip. Keep completed reports for your records and do not submit this with your tax return or renewal. For audit purposes, keep records for up to 4 years for IFTA and 6-1/2 years for IRR See next page for instructions.

In addition to keeping up with fuel tax reporting, all registered carriers must maintain records of individual vehicle mileage reports. These must be summarized monthly. Additionally, the must include information on all fuel bought at service stations. Take the Stress Out of IFTA Reports with Our ELD. IFTA-21: IFTA-21-I Instructions New York State International Fuel Tax Agreement IFTA Application; this form replaces Forms IFTA-1 and IFTA-9 IFTA-100: Instructions on form: IFTA Quarterly Fuel Use Tax Return: IFTA-100-V Fill-in Instructions on form: Payment Voucher and Instructions for IFTA Returns Filed Electronically: IFTA-101: IFTA-101. is an online trip sheet service that includes support for filing quarterly IFTA fuel taxes, quarterly mileage returns and truck and trip report generation. How to calculate IFTA miles? Use this Free IFTA tax calculator and state by state mileage calculator.

eTrucks IFTA – fuel tax reporting software that is flexible enough to track and manage IFTA fuel tax for a single truck, or for an entire fleet. Free current quarter IFTA calculator U.S. ONLY – a working on-screen demo of how easy our calculator is to use. Calculates only the quarter indicated the one that is due at this time. It will display the final form for you to copy to yours, but it does not print or email it. Low Cost Truck Summary Fuel Maintenance Mileage Maintenance Truck Maintenance-----MAINTENANCE Print Reports Purchase Report Sign up xxxxxx x today and you can begin enjoying the benefits of the fastest and easiest method ever for producing Your IFTA fuel tax reports. Now. Create your Account the end of each quarter. minutes online! INDIVDUAL VEHICLE MILEAGE AND FUEL SCHEDULE Purpose: Use this Schedule to record mileage and fuel used for a trip or day of activity for a single vehicle. Instructions: Follow the instructions on back of this Schedule. File and maintain completed Schedule for four years. CARRIER INFORMATION CARRIER NAME CARRIER ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP CODE.

Obtain mileage from “Individual Vehicle Mileage Records” when filing IFTA Quarterly Tax Reports & Renewing IRP Apportioned License Plates. Mileage must b e ACTUAL miles, not estimated or rounded. Drop all mileage decimal places Exp 1245.67miles = 1245 miles. Visit IFTA/IRP Online Filing Services @. Using the same mileage data as the IFTA reports, Fuel Tax System produces your returns to the standards required by the state of New Mexico. If the weight of your vehicle exceeds 26,000 lbs. And you drive on New Mexico roads, you must file your tax returns on a quarterly basis, even if your report shows zero mileage. Increase Compliance – Axon Software constantly updates quarterly IFTA surcharge rates and regulations per jurisdiction saving you a full-time job. Stop Doing Things Twice – Save the hassle of retyping information, while feeling confident everything matches up with auto-recorded IFTA mileage tracker data including toll and non-toll mileages. MILEAGE INFORMATION Power Unit Fleet Number Fuel Type Name Fuel Filer/IRP Registrant Fuel Filer Name If Other Than IRP Registrant Drivers Name DAILY VEHICLE MILEAGE AND FUEL REPORT Wisconsin Department of Transportation IRP & IFTA Vehicles Only. IFTA was created to simplify the fuel tax reporting system and eliminate the need for separate permits. Complying with IFTA credentials is an extensive, time-consuming chore for many fleets with a high risk of fines and penalties. Omnitracs’ automated IFTA reporting process allows you to avoid facing costly audits and profit jeopardization.

Mileage Record IFTA-300 04-15 Bureau of Motor and Alternative Fuel Taxes PO Box 280646 Harrisburg, PA 17128 800.482.4382 F 717.787.6261 revenue. Jurisd. daTe highway/rouTe Traveled odomeTer insTrucTions 1. Record must account for. From the mobile app directly to the dashboard, TruxTrax calculates your IFTA, Fuel, Mileage, and Expenses Reporting, giving you a complete view. IFTA fuel tax reports can be filed electronically using Webfile or EDI software, or on paper using Form 56-101, International Fuel Tax Agreement IFTA Fuel Tax Report PDF, and Form 56-102, IFTA Fuel Tax Report Supplement PDF. NOTE: Effective April 2018, IFTA Inc. added hydrogen and electricity fuel types to the IFTA tax rate matrix.

While reporting IFTA it's easy to make simple mistakes, but with our IFTA reporting software, you don't have to worry. Our pre-auditing feature checks for any possible errors on your IFTA report based on the estimated miles per gallon. This information audit does not guarantee that your IFTA report. IFTA-200A -- Motor Carriers Road Tax/IFTA New Account Registration Application. IFTA-200S -- Application for Additional Motor Carrier Road Tax/IFTA Decals. IFTA-200W -- Motor and Alternative Fuel Taxes IFTA Decal Waiver. IFTA-300 -- Individual Vehicle Mileage Records. REV-1026 -- Information Concerning Motor Carriers Road Tax and IFTA. The IFTA Processing Consortium IPC is a web-based application used by the State of Michigan to assist interstate motor carriers based in Michigan to license for IFTA, file/pay quarterly fuel use tax returns, order IFTA decals and temporary IFTA decal permits. The IFTA calculator keeps track of financial matters and tax reports in an efficient way. It can help to keep tabs on the financial matters and also the tax reports in the right way. IFTA mileage software may provide you with an opportunity to preserve a tab on fuel purchases. Each month that your fuel tax report could be prepared to keep the. The International Fuel Tax Agreement IFTA is an agreement for the collection and distribution of fuel use tax revenues. The lower 48 states and the 10 Canadian provinces are members of IFTA. IFTA allows carriers, including private carriers, to obtain one license and.

IFTA is an agreement among the United States except Alaska and Hawaii and Canadian provinces except Northwestern Territories, Nunavut and Yukon to simplify the reporting of fuel used by motor carriers operating in more than one jurisdiction. International Fuel Tax Agreement Due to late tax rate changes, the state of Florida may require an additional tax payment for activity during the first quarter of 2018. Details of the rate changes are available at IFTA, Inc. under Latest Updates. IFTA / IRP Individual Trip Report Use this form to report mileage and fuel information for each trip. Keep completed reports for your records and do not submit this with your tax return or renewal. For audit purposes, keep records for up to 4 years for IFTA and 6 1/2 years for IRP. See next page for instructions.

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