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The Colorpoint Shorthairs - Siamese cat.

appropriate for the tabby pattern on lynx points. Clearly-defined white undercoat in the points. Incorrect number of toes. Malocclusion resulting in either undershot or overshot chin. COLORPOINT SHORTHAIR COLORS Solid Color Point Colors RED POINT: body clear white with any shading in. The Colorpoint Shorthair is your long-lived joyous companion that may live up to 12-17 years. Personality and Temperament of The Colorpoint Shorthair. The Colorpoint Shorthair derives some of her personality traits from the Siamese. Their coat colors may vary, but they have some common characteristics beneath the skin. Colorpoint Shorthair: The Ultimate Guide to Their History, Types, Characteristics, Temperament, and Care October 6, 2019 March 20, 2019 by KW Team Felines have been with us for thousands of years, and it is hard to imagine a world without them. The Colorpoint Shorthair shares the point-coloration pattern with the Siamese, but in the nontraditional colors of red, cream, tortoiseshell, and lynx tabby points, and minor variations thereof. In body style, head shape, and other features, it may be intermediate between the two foundation breeds, which show cats leaning toward Siamese traits. Oct 19, 2014 - Explore FaithFerguson24's board "Colorpoint Shorthair" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Colorpoint shorthair, Cats and Cat breeds.

Colorpoint Shorthair Breed History. The Colorpoint Shorthair was produced in the 1940s, when Siamese breeders wanted to create a new cat that had the same features as a Siamese but with additional point colors. Abyssinians were bred with Siamese cats, as well as red tabby Domestic Shorthair cats. Eventually, the Colorpoint Shorthair was created. 2009-11-17 · Colorpoint Shorthair. i. You May Also Like. Want a unique cat? Then the American Wirehair is for you. Known as the punks of the cat world, American Wirehairs look like their fur is made of steel wool, but are really quite soft and cuddly. 04:03. Cats 101. American Wirehair. i. The Colorpoint Shorthair is a very unique type of shorthaired cat that has very large ears. Colorpoint Shorthairs are described by many cat critics as "beautiful, wonderful, and gorgeous!" The strangely long cat has a long neck, long tail, long body, long longs- except for the goregous coat. Colorpoint Shorthairs should be long and lean. Keeping your Colorpoint Shorthair at an ideal weight can prevent certain health issues like diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, which can be compounded by excess weight. Feed your Colorpoint Shorthair measured amounts of cat food at regular times twice a day for adult cats.

IMG_1339 Left to Right; Cossene, a female platinum mink tonkinese and Simba, a male lynx Colorpoint shorthair Ages; 6 months old. Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Coat Colors. The Colorpoint Shorthair comes in a variety of different color points. Point coloration is a pattern which causes a cat to have points of darker color on the head, legs and tail. This breed comes in Red, Cream, Cinnamon, Fawn, Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac points. Some people claim that Colorpoint Shorthair cats are just a hybrid of Siamese cats, while other claim that they should be considered Siamese cats due to the fact that they are pointed like Siamese. The thing is that this cat breed is actually a result between crossing a Siamese cat and American Shorthair breed. The Colorpoint Shorthair is not a separate breed, but a variety of the Siamese. Simply put, the Colorpoint Shorthair is essentially a Siamese of a different color; the breed is vocal, smart, active, and graceful, much like their cousins. Size and Physical Characteristics: The Colorpoint Shorthairs look a lot like the Siamese.

Colorpoint ShorthairThe Ultimate Guide to.

Cette portée était le début de la race Colorpoint Shorthair. Colorpoint Shorthairs rouge et crème obtint le statut de champion au sein de la Cat Fanciers ’Association en 1964, et d’autres couleurs et motifs ponctuels lynx suivirent. Divers registres de chats reconnaissent différemment le Colorpoint Shorthair. Chocolate Lynx Point Colorpoint Shorthair Male. Blakewood Chipotle Red Lynx Point Colorpoint Shorthair Male GC, BWR, RW Blakewood Misty Watercolored Memory Lilac-Cream Lynx Point Colorpoint Shorthair Female CFA Best Colorpoint Shorthair Regions 1-9 2016-17. GC Blakewood September Morn, DM Chocolate Tortie Point Colorpoint Shorthair Female. With an overall appearance similar to that of a Siamese — long body, wedge-shaped head and large ears — the Colorpoint Shorthair comes in 16 color varieties, including red, cream, tortie and lynx point. Their short, fine coat requires minimal grooming, and their piercing blue eyes are almond-shaped and slanted. Later on, in 1969, Colorpoint Shorthairs bearing tortie and lynx points were also accepted by the CFA for championships. The Colorpoint Shorthair is a breathtaking beauty with blue, almond-shaped eyes. They are medium-sized, elegant, and muscular. Their head is wedge-shaped with large ears.

Red Lynx Point - This cat’s body is pure white, and its points are a deep red, which are distinctly divided by the lighter background color. Its ears are a deep red, with a pale print in the center. Its nose is the color of leather, and its paw pads are a fleshy-pink.-- Colorpoint Shorthair - Numerous colors are accepted as standard for Colorpoint Shorthairs, including cream, red, blue lynx, lilac lynx, chocolate tortie, and seal tortie. Coat: Colorpoint Shorthairs have short, glossy coats of fine hair. Overview. Character: Playful and inquisitive, Colorpoint Shorthairs are happy companions. COLORPOINT SHORTHAIR CAT BREED History The Colorpoint Cat shares body style, personality, coat length, and color pattern with the Siamese, but in the untraditional colors of red, cream, tortoiseshell, and lynx tabby points. Colorpoint Shorthairs are the first cousins of the Siamese and the Cat Fanciers' Association is the only registry that recognizes them as a standalone breed. In all other registries, they are part of the Siamese and Oriental breeds. These cats are distinguished by their elegance in sixteen.

The Colorpoint Shorthair is a long, elegant cat. The body, neck, legs and tail are long. She is medium sized, but nicely muscled, even more so than the Siamese. The Colorpoint Shorthair is a cat of extremes. The head is a long triangle, and the tall ears are a continuation of the triangle. Oct 19, 2014- Explore FaithFerguson24's board "Colorpoint Shorthair" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Colorpoint shorthair, Cats and Cat breeds.

FeLV and FIV negative. Screen for PKD and PK deficiency. Solid point including red and cream, tortie point, and lynx points. CFA Colorpoint Shorthair Breed Council Secretary. BR> Works with other breeds: Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Balinese, Japanese Bobtail, Oriental Longhair, Oriental Shorthair. Contact NuDawnz Colorpoint Shorthairs by.Lynx Point Siamese cats, also known as Tabby Point Siamese in some countries, are named for their beautiful markings which look like those of the wild lynx. As far as I know, though, Lynx Points aren't in any way related to the wild lynx. Lynx Siamese cats came about from the accidental mating of a purebred Seal Point with a tabby.When bred to a lynx parent, the last four of the sixteen colors are the lynx versions of the Tortie Points. They are: Lilac Tortie Lynx Point Blue Tortie Lynx Point Chocolate Tortie Lynx Point Seal Tortie Lynx Point Combining the Red Points and the Lynx Points with these four primary colors results in all 16 of the Colorpoint Shorthairs.

Colorpoint Shorthair. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One-year-old Red Point Siamese. Colorpoint Shorthairs are a variety of. Dit nest was het begin van het Colorpoint Shorthair-ras. Rode en crèmekleurige Colorpoint kortharen werden in 1964 kampioenschapsstatus toegekend met de Cat Fanciers ‘Association, en andere puntkleuren en patronen lynx volgden. Verschillende kattenregisters herkennen de Colorpoint Shorthair anders. Markings on the ears and face come in more than a dozen colors, including red, cream, red lynx, blue lynx, seal lynx, cream, lynx, chocolate lynx, chocolate tortie, seal tortie and seal tortie lynx. The body is long, lean and muscular. The triangular face features almond-shaped blue eyes. Grooming Colorpoint Shorthair.

Jan 24, 2014 - Explore everhart51410's board "Colorpoint Shorthair" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Colorpoint shorthair, Cat breeds and Cats.

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