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use-in-a- English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "matter" All matter in the universe is composed of atomsShrimp and crabs are scavengers that feed on decaying matter found on the ocean floor. Asked in Science, Physics, Sentence and Word Structure How do you use the word physical in a sentence ? There are three physical properties of matter, liquid, gaseous, solid.

How to use matter in a sentence. matter Sentence Examples. As a matter of fact, I think we're on completely different planets. 527. 242. They do not see that the role of the natural sciences in this matter is merely to serve as an instrument for the illumination of one side of it. 3. 3. matter definition: The definition of matter is what something is made of, what all physical things are made of, or something important or a problem. noun An example of matter is a dining table made of wood. An example of matter is everything we see. Matter and force or energy are infinite; the conservation of force follows from the imperishability of matter, the ultimate basis of all science. 0 If so, apologetics is literally a science, and it is pedantry to claim the defensive and pretend to throw the onus probandi upon objectors. What is a sentence using the science word matter? Answer. Wiki User September 18, 2012 9:38PM. it doesn't really matter that you have to write extra. Related Questions. Asked in Example Sentences What is a sentence using the word earth and space science?

How to use matter in a sentence. ESL students, people who enjoy word games, & those learning a new language might especially enjoy this webpage. The lines of text below use matter in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for matter. Also see sentences for:. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families. CK 1 1886029 Does it matter? CK 1 1897745 It won't matter. CK 1 2245288 Does that matter? CK 1 37894 It doesn't matter. CK 1 2493198 What's the matter? shadyray601 1 394894 What's the matter? Dorenda 1 2248953 It wouldn't matter. CK 1 2648063 None of it matters. 1331 sentence examples: 1. The subject matter makes the painting a little, how shall I put it, undesirable for public display. 2. The subject matter was so technical as to be beyond the ken of the average layman. 3. His articles deal with a wide ra. Matter definition is - a subject under consideration. How to use matter in a sentence. 16 sentence examples: 1. The temperature often effects a change of the state of matter. 2. Species, then, are real, even if they do not represent different stable states of matter. 3. We can easily tell one state of matter from another by their form.

Learn how to use Matter using many example sentences. Learn collocations of Matter with free vocabulary lessons. In science, matter is the term for any type of material. Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. At a minimum, matter requires at least one subatomic particle, although most matter consists of atoms. The word matter is sometimes used to refer to a pure substance. Matter definition, the substance or substances of which any physical object consists or is composed: the matter of which the earth is made. See more.

Definition of Matter. be of importance of have significance. Examples of Matter in a sentence. Clara insisted that the messiness of her room shouldn’t matter,. As a matter of fact, we have a vast range of technology and weaponry right now that provides all the bargaining chips that we need. But I always come to this conclusion. No matter how bad off you are, there's always somebody in a worse boat. ‘No matter how much she begs, no matter how much she pleads, it's just not going to happen.’ ‘No matter how many times they were said and no matter who said them, comments like that always stung.’ ‘No matter how bad it gets and no matter how much I pout, you. Not Matter in a sentence 🔊 Short Example Sentence for Not Matter. 1. But that does not matter. 🔊 2. But it does not matter now. 🔊 3. It does not matter to me. 🔊 4. That does not matter. 🔊 5. It does not matter just now. 🔊 6. That does not matter. 🔊 7. It Matter in a sentence 🔊 Short Example Sentence for It Matter. 1. But what will it matter? 🔊 2. What does it matter? 🔊 3. But what does it matter to you? 🔊 4. Did it matter to him? 🔊 5. And why should it matter? 🔊 6. But what does it matter? 🔊 7.

All physical objects, such as stars, books, people, animals, plants and the sea, are examples of matter. Matter is any physical object that occupies space and has mass. Matter exists in three states: solids, liquids and gases. Some scientists also believe matter includes other states, such as. matter in a sentence. Search this website. What is the matter? How does it matter. What is the matter with you? I am totally innocent in the matter. He has given proof of his carefulness in this matter. What is the matter with him? He has promised to help me in this matter.

No matter how much she eats, she never gains weight. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't please him. No matter how you do it, the results will be the same. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter. I think it's time for me to discuss the matter with him. He's racking his brains about how to deal with the matter. 2006-09-19 · In the end will using matter in a sentence really matter too me. The only matter I have with you is if I get the 10 points. The by chance using the word matter in a sentence would matter too me. Who knows it may matter too some but not others. What really matters is what you think of it. For you are the only one whom it matters too. As. matter in a sentence - Use "matter" in a sentence 1. But strategy wouldn't matter if the songs grew dated. 2. D-1371 IN THE MATTER OF DISBARMENT OF JOHN MARTIN McGRATH click for more sentences of matter. white matter in a sentence - Use "white matter" in a sentence 1. They then migrate through the white matter to the neocortex, extending axons. 2. T2-weighted images also displaying cerebrospinal fluid and rarefied / cystic white matter. click for more sentences of white matter. soft copy - computer science matter that is in a form that a computer can store or display it on a computer screen; "he sent them soft copy of the report" hard copyIn telegraphic sentences, half swallowed at the ends, They hint a matter 's inwardness--and there the matter ends.

use-in-a- English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "liquid" Our olive oil became solid in the fridge, but it soon turned to liquid again after sitting on the counter for a whileIt is important to drink plenty of liquids when you spend time out in the hot sun. The science teacher explained the law of conservation of mass in one sentence: “Stuff can be used but not destroyed.” 🔊 According to the law of conservation of mass, the quantity of each element doesn’t change its chemical makeup. 🔊 When it comes to chemical reactions, the law of conservation of mass holds that matter cannot be. matter definition: 1. a situation or subject that is being dealt with or considered: 2. the situation being dealt. Learn more. 2018-06-18 · Being able to know which state of matter something is and how states of matter change, are both concepts in early science education. In Solid, Liquid, Gas-Science Kids Spelling Game, students are given sentences. In part of the sentences is a missing word with a blank that needs to be filled in from a list of choices.

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